Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pein Mini Sclera 17mm

Lens Info
Diameter, mm: 17.0
Water Content: 45%
Lifespan: 6 months disposal

Available Here

Comfort: 4/5
They feel comfortable. It is a bit odd at first to feel the lenses tickling the back
of your eyelid. But you get used to it quickly. They can be a bit tricky to insert,
compared to standard sized lenses. Removing them is very simple.
Color and Design: 4/5
The design is nice. However, the colors do not match the website display photo. 
Because they are so large, a lot of the design gets lots behind your eyelid. 
They give a trippy other-worldly  alien-esque look!
Enlargement: 5/5
They are mini scelra's so yes, they are quite enlarging!

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