Sunday, June 23, 2013


 Ursula Transformation


Ben Nye Clown White + MUFE Flash Colors (Purple Base, Highlight, Contour)
NYC Loose Powder
Bitch Slap Cosmetics 72 Color Palette
Blue Eyed Bitch Paint Wheel
MUFE Aqua eyes-Black
Mehron Paradise Makeup-Black (Liquid Eyeliner)
Alash "Razzle Dazzle" Eyelashes (top)
House of Lashes "Noir Fairy" Brown (bottom)
Mehron Liquid Makeup-Red
Maybelline Line Stylist Red 510
Maybelline Expert Eye Wear-Black
Bitch Slap Cosmetics "Cougar" Lipstick
Bitch Slap Cosmetics "Whore" Lipstick


  1. You did a crazy awesome job on this xD Also I have some odd fascination with the character, love your work :)

  2. You are soo freaking amazing!!!!

  3. the best make up of Ursula i have ever seen

  4. What a great job. I would like to attempt this, but I'm still a little confused at which make-up you used for which part, especially the foundation and contouring. I've watched the tutorial and have read the list of products you used. Would you mind giving a little more description of what you used when? For example, when you put the base color on your face, was that straight up white, or was it a light purple. It's really hard to tell. I know the list says clown white, but I'm wondering if it was blended prior to applying, etc. Sorry to ask so many (maybe obvious questions).

    Thanks for your tutorial.

    1. Hey, the base color was a mixture of clown white and blue & pink from make up forever flash palette. I pre mixed them to create a lilac color for the base. I used blue flash color to contour (purple would have worked better but I didn't feel like mixing up a purple color xP )and I used just clown white to highlight. Then dusted with translucent powder to set the cream, and then went over the contour colors with eye shadow to deepen them. The colors are a bit off in the video & picture than what it looked like in person though

    2. How long did this take you to do?

  5. What brushes do you use for this? I want to do this look for a friend of mine for Halloween!!

  6. how long did this take you to complete?

  7. Love this tutorial and thanks for sharing! Do you have any recommendations in terms of hair products for this look? I have dark brown hair, but would love to get that ombre purple/violet look.

  8. brittany, what did you do for your eyes? i mean where'd you get the contacts?