Friday, July 27, 2012

White Demon Contact


Item Details:

  • 90-Day Life Span (Once Opened)
  • Wear daily for 90-Day Period
  • Up to one year life span with extreme care & non daily wear
  • Price: $24.99 usd

  •  Packaging: 3/5
    Each lens is stored in a glass vial and  packaged in a small box. Then, shipped in a bubble wrapped envelope. Inside the box there are instructions on how to insert lenses, remove lenses, and care for lenses. They do not come with a lens case to store your lenses in. So, you will need to make sure you have an extra case, or purchase one elsewhere.

    without lenses

    with lenses
    Comfort: 3.5/5
    They do not hurt my eyes, but they are noticeable and hard to get used to. They don't move out of place.

    without lenses

    with lenses
    Color and Design: 5/5
    I love the way these lenses look! They look very similar to their photo on the website. However, I think the red is actually a bit brighter than it appears on the website. I love white lenses and manson lenses, so I really loved that these were white, but they had a unique twist to them! They make a big difference and instantly make me look creepy! >:)

    Available at Enter the code BrittanyC at check out to receive a 10% discount!

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    Friday, July 20, 2012

    Dolly Eye Blytheye Blue

                 Item details

    • Price $17.90 usd
    • Manufacturer: Dolly Eye (EOS)
    • Diameter: 14.80mm
    • Water Content: 38%
    • Sold As: Per Pair, with a normal lens case
    • Base Curve: 8.60
    • Replacement Period: within 12 months
    • Available Power: 0 to -10.00, Check Stock List

    Packaging: 3.5/5
    Each lens is stored in a glass vial and wrapped in bubble wrap. Then, packaged in an adorable box and shipped in a bubble wrapped envelope. However, the vials are not easy to open. You have to take off the top plastic layer (which I had to use pliers to remove!) Then, there is a metal cap which has to be peeled off -I cut my finger on the metal! :( And underneath that there is a rubber cap which pops off. It is nice that they are packaged so tightly because you don't have to worry about the lenses being damaged during shipping. But I just wish they were easier to open! Each pair of lenses comes with a free case to store them in!

     Comfort: 4/5
    These lenses are sooooo comfortable! Usually when I wear lenses I can't wait to remove them, but not with these! The design does not alter my vision at all and I don't have any irritation. The reason I gave them a 4/5 is because my vision seems slightly foggy (not bad though! just not 100% clear. for example, the way you feel when wearing large false eyelashes.) But they are much better than any other lenses I have worn.

    natural lighting

    Color and Design: 4.5/5
    Other than the black rim, the design looks pretty natural. The color is very vibrant and noticeable. I'm not sure how they would look on dark eyes. They give the "halo effect" where they are lighter around your actual iris because the white is showing through.

    Enlargement: 5/5
    They certainly do make my eyes look larger! I don't think they would look as good if they were any larger than they already are.

     Available at Enter the code BC10 at check out to receive a 10% discount!

    Friday, July 6, 2012

    Mermaid Contest *CLOSED*


    Starts: July 7, 2012    -    Ends: August 7, 2012


              You must use makeup to create a look inspired by Mermaids/Mermen. Feel free to use props and accessories!! (And yess it can be an evil, bloody mermaid if that's what you want! Just be creative and add your own unique style to it!) Please provide clear photos of your entire look. I will be the one and only judge of this contest. There will only be one winner!




    The winner will receive one pair of cosmetic contact lenses of their choice from

    *note: these are purely cosmetic lenses and are not currently available in prescriptions

    ( If you don't win, you can still use my coupon code "BrittanyC" for 10% off your entire order on



    -If you are under 18 years of age, please have your parent’s permission before entering this contest.

    -The makeup must be done entirely by you. However, you may execute your look on a model if you prefer.

    -You may NOT edit your entry photos, other than crop and/or lighten/darken your image.

    -You must hold up a hand-written sign that says “4 BRITTANY C” so that I know you created your look 
    specifically for this contest.

    -You must share this contest on your Facebook page by posting this link on your wall:

    -You must go to the website and pick out which pair of lenses you would like to receive if you won.
     When you find the pair you want, it will give you an option to “LIKE” it with Facebook. Click ‘LIKE’ and be sure to post it to Facebook.
    Here is an example of how it should look.

    -Then, You must “LIKE” on Facebook
    and leave them a COMMENT letting them know which pair of lenses you would like to receive if you won  (These WILL be the lenses you will receive if you win, so choose wisely!!) and thank them for sponsoring this contest!

    *If you fail to follow any of these steps you will not be permitted to enter this contest. I will check!*

    -You can enter as many times as you’d like!!

    -Feel free to ask me if you have any questions

    You can send your entries to my Facebook page: in a Private Message, or you can send them to my email at







    Maria Grazia Mua

    Autumn Hairstylist Mua Perez

     Monica Guzman

    Heather Michele

    Kim Baez














    Minaj Ung




    Sydney Johnson



    Emily Hansen

    Shawna Lewis


    Celia Virginia Ybarra

    Yesenia Catalan



    Mad Maddie's Makeup


     Queenii Rozenblad


    Heather Canterbury-Kennedy

    Demonica Nightshade Isis

    Jennifer Jancetic


    Donna Trashkitten Make Up